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Long term commitment as a corporate culture

Supported by an investment of over 12 million euros the company has established two major goals: active support for a thriving outgrowers programme in the country and replanting more than 300 hectares of cocoa trees in addition to the development of other high value agricultural cultures over 1,000 hectares.
For the first time in decades abandoned plantations are being rehabilitated and replanted using traditional methods, with a rigorous commitment to the environment.

Nurturing local talent

Embracing the local tradition of cocoa cultivation, enriched by decades of experience, Satocao has established a village outgrowers project to help proliferate this technical know-how amongst its community of small and medium sized planters. More than 99% of Satocao’s 200 employees are Santomean.
Encouraging the personal development of these local employees as well as the autonomous outgrowers is central to the realisation of a cocoa crop of the highest quality.

Cacaos d’excellence

Satocao produces high quality dry cocoa beans for export to international chocolate manufacturers.

The company’s cocoa originates from two sources

Satocao’s own plantations under concession from the Government of São Tomé e Príncipe. Outgrowers on the island of São Tomé from whom Satocao buys raw or wet cocoa in order to process it.

Thanks to Satocao’s relationships with its outgrowers and their communities, the company has become a driving force for rural development in São Tomé e Príncipe


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